The Build Hub Membership Program

You don't need to struggle any more.

Building and growing your business online doesn’t have to be overwhelming or a struggle. The Build Hub is a group of like-minded individuals here to help you navigate the earlier stages of developing a business online, with useful advice and training, giving you clarity along the way.

The Support & Guidance You Need

What with all the tech involved just to get a good looking website, all the uncertainty, and with so many people trying to grab your attention to tell you their system is the only one that works, it’s all a bit overwhelming. Enough to make you throw your hands in the air and give up on the dream!

But it IS possible and I’m here to guide you as you go.

The 3 main elements that make up The Build Hub



Weekly training on elements that are there to move you forward, building on what you know and ensuring you see how it is working for you. 



Either email me directly or put a question in the private Facebook group to get answers and help with your website or marketing issues.



Become part of a group of like-minded individuals who are all trying to get control of their marketing and build their businesses.

Bite-sized steps Forward

Knowing what steps you should be taking first is key. In the past, I’ve personally designed my logo, built my website and got business cards printed before I’ve even researched a business idea! Getting busy with the fun stuff, not the stuff that NEEDS to get done first. In The Build Hub I’ll guide you through the key areas to get you started quickly and on track to grow a profitable business online without all the headaches. 

Identifying Your Niche

Without an essential need to get granular on your niche, you can begin and your niche can define itself!

Creating a Marketing Strategy

Discovering your target audience, ensuring your marketing is in alignment and setting out a plan.

How To Build and Run A Website

From setting up your website from scratch to knowing what to write on a landing page to keeping it up to date.

Tracking Your Target Audience

Using Google tools such as Google Analytics to discover what's being seen and what can be improved.

Funnels and Flywheels

Automating your business, with lead magnets, setting up sequences and gaining repeat buyers.

Setting Up Your Email System

Choosing what's right for you before making sure the essential elements are in place to nurture your leads.

Email Marketing

Writing quality copy that speaks to your ideal customer and giving your emails a sense of purpose.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

From keyword research to ensuring your site is working at its best to getting back links to setting up meta data.

Paid Ads

Google Ads? Facebook Ads? Defining your audience and setting up your bidding to stay within budget.

Exploring Ecommerce

Adding an Ecommerce element to your existing website or uploading your catalogue to Facebook or eBay.

Jonathan Who?

Jonathan Wall - The Build Hub

Hi. I’m Jonathan Wall and I’ve created The Build Hub as a result of over 20 years of creating websites and marketing for clients from the National Health Service (NHS) and Mercedes-Benz through to small, local businesses and start-ups.

I see too many people getting overwhelmed by the tech and all the elements that are out there, meaning that they either give up because it’s just too much to even think about or they pay hundreds or thousands for things they simply don’t need.

Join me in The Build Hub and, together, we’ll make growing your business online enjoyable.

I see small businesses and those starting out paying hundreds a month for an agency to do “stuff” for them. People pay because they think it’s what’s required and don’t want to question the so-called experts. Without even the knowledge to know just how well the agency or expert is or isn’t doing.

As a founding member, a subscription to The Build Hub is £15 a month – that’s just under $20(US). No contract, no minimum time. You will have the whole Build experience for that price for as long as you are a member. In the future, it is highly likely that I will raise the price, but, so long as you don’t leave at any point, your subscription will not change.

To sign up Please tell ME about you

Totally Risk Free

Still not sure? I’m offering a full, no questions asked, 100% refund for your first month if you feel like The Build Hub is not for you. Simply email me at any time to get your money back.

Once you sign up you’ll get access to a questionnaire that helps me get an understanding of where you’re currently at and where you’d like to be. The more time you can spend on this, the better and  I believe it’ll even start giving YOU some clarity on what’s important for you to do.

You’ll also be given access to the private Facebook group where you can introduce yourself and post any questions or requests you have for areas you’d like us to focus on. 

Finally I’ll also send out some “homework” for you to get in place to either map out your idea further OR start improving what you already have in place.

Each month we’ll have a Q&A giving you a chance to have your initial questions answered and we’ll be able to talk more about the work you’ve done so far.

Does that sound good? 

Still unsure? Have some questions? Please GET IN TOUCH with any questions you have and I’ll be happy to chat more about what you can expect.